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Episode #46: How To Own Six Dental Practices Six Years Out Of Dental School With Dr. Addison Killeen

Have you ever woke up in the morning and thought to yourself that you would like to own a dental practice? How about owning 6 practices in just 6 years of graduating dental school? Well if you did, then you have a lot in common with our guest Dr. Addison Killeen!

Dr. Addison graduated from the University of Nebraska College of Dentistry, and took an associateship job straight out of school. As a little time went on, he ended up leaving that associateship and then getting involved in a partnership where he is now part owner of 6 dental offices!

It was very interesting to hear his story on his first associateship, what happened, and why it didn't end up working out. Something very cool from this, is that his first opportunity ended up not working out, but because of this, another door was opened and now he is part owner in 6 dental practices! He has developed a spreadsheet that he uses to crunch and evaluate the practice numbers. This spreadsheet will soon be available on his website and he also has a book titled "By The Numbers: A Guide to Buying and Running a Dental Practice" which will be available on Amazon in the neat future.

Dr. Killeen can be reached at and on Facebook

In all honesty, whether your goal is to be an associate, own a single practice, or own multiple practices, this episode will give you insight into Dr. Addison's journey and what lead him to owning multiple offices.

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