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Episode #31: Living The Montana Life With Twin Dentists Dr. Amber Dailey and Dr. Aimee Gustafson!

On today's episode, Cole interviewed two awesome twin dentists Dr. Amber Dailey and Dr. Aimee Gustafson during his recent trip to Montana!

Topics discussed on the show:

- What it was like to go to dental school with a sister

- Why one chose to go into the Air Force and why the other chose a different route

- Scholarships and why you should look into all of the options when considering which to get involved with

- How to establish a mentor and why it is so important to a successful career

- What the Indian Health Services are all about, and what the benefits are

- What exactly public health dentistry is and all the benefits of it

- How did these doctors deal with their debt load coming out of dental school

- What was their transition like from public health into private practice and multiple practice ownership

- How to structure change that you will bring to a new dental office

- How to balance medicaid patients and schedule correctly

- What does being a successful dentist truly mean, and how to figure out what your definition of success is

If you would like to reach out to Dr. Amber or Dr. Aimee:

Search them on Facebook Amber Dailey and Aimee Gustafson