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June 14, 2022




Ep. 152: The Secret In Dentistry with Dr. Pete Stover

Dr. Pete Stover graduated from OU in 2002 and built a practice in Elk City, OK after 3 years at the OKC Indian Clinic.  He and Sheri have been married for over 20 years and have 2 teenagers, Jaclyn and Jacob.  Dr. Stover had an affinity for technology and has been a CEREC trainer, faculty at the Dallas Implant Institute, Fellow in the California Implant Institute, beta tester for Sirona, Blue Sky Bio, ClearCorrect, and developed Pilot Plus, a guided drill system for dental implants.  As 3-D printing came on to the scene, Pete was an early adopter and much like a “cat lady”, he can’t remember just how many printers he has owned over the years.  3-D printing is a staple in Dr. Stover’s office for surgical guides, aligners, removable, full arch hybrids, occlusal guards, and there’s no end in sight.

Faith in Christ is the cornerstone of Pete’s family. They’ve served in the local church and they’ve even had the opportunity to work together in Thailand providing dental care in regional orphanages. Dr. Stover has had the opportunity to participate in dental mission work in 6 countries, and hopes to add many more.

As the latter portion of Pete’s career rolls around, he is enjoying the mentoring aspect all the more, but has no plans to stop learning and developing more skills, especially in the area of technology and implantology.

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